Welcome to Emma's Enclosure! This is a blog I have decided to create to share my passion for baking and beauty with friends and family and those with similar interests. 
After spending so much time reading about how amazing it is to be a blogger, and from being a follower of blogs myself for such a long time, I knew it was something I wanted to become involved in. I would also love for this to be a platform for myself and others to interact with one another about the mutual things that we love. 
To create a blog was also something on my list of 2015 New Year resolutions which I vowed to myself I would stick to, so here I am!

New Year me, ready to take on these resolutions
Here you will find a mixture of yummy, mouthwatering recipes as well as makeup looks, inspiration and reviews amongst posts about my life in general.

Things I love: cats, fancy makeup, being outside (apparently), cooking and baking, trying new things, languages, reading, dancing, music, travelling, stargazing, and so much more!


Hope you enjoy! 


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